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Call (604) 760-8066 for a FREE*
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Our Equipment

Rapid Pain Therapy Clinic uses the Electro Proscope 360, an intuitive and intelligent pain management system that uses the most advanced Microcurrent technology. This technology is painless and non-invasive, targeting only the cells and tissue that need repair.


Sports Injuries


The pain, inflammation and swelling that often accompany sports injuries may delay your recovery and slow you down from participating in the sports and activities that you love. Microcurrent Therapy helps your body heal by targeting the damaged tissue at a cellular level to quickly and painlessly reduce the most common side effects of an injury. Microcurrent is pain-free, drug-free, non-invasive and, most importantly, it drastically reduces injury-related down time.

Microcurrent for Injury Prevention

Microcurrent is becoming increasingly popular as a means of preventing injuries from occurring. Our treatments repair damaged cells, whether it is bone, joint or muscle-related. The treatments repair the injury naturally, allowing your body to return to homeostasis. When used before a major competition or sports event, Microcurrent helps prepare your body for the extra exertion and shortens your recuperation time.

Microcurrent for Injury Recovery

Microcurrent has been used to treat sports injuries for over 40 years. NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens, 11-time NBA All-Star Gary Carter and Olympic gold medalist Rachel Buehler are just some of the renowned athletes who use Microcurrent for injury recovery – and we’re pleased to bring that same treatment to you! Microcurrent reduces inflammation by 62%, increases cell energy levels up to 500% and boosts your overall immune function. You’ll be back on your feet and enjoying your favorite activities again in no time!

Types of Injuries Treated

Microcurrent Therapy can be used for the treatment of tendonitis, herniated disks, back pain and strains, hamstring pulls and tears, fractures, ACL and PCL injuries, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Meniscus knee tears, tennis or golfer’s elbow and much more!

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How MICRO Works and How Can It Help You!

The science behind Microcurrent mimics our own natural vibrations, and restores electrically by sending “signals” from one cell to another. However, when a cell is damaged, the electrical signal bypasses the areas in our body that require healing, leaving us with injuries, pain, swelling, inflammation and other symptoms and discomforts.

Microcurrent locates the damaged tissue and sends it a tiny corrective current to stimulates the body’s natural healing process. It works at cellular level and targets only damaged tissue, which causes cells to open where they had once been “closed” and shut down. Opening the cell allows our naturally-occurring electrical signals to focus on the damaged area, which leads to quicker recovery from injuries to relief from pain.

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