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To understand how Microcurrent works, it’s important to understand how the body’s natural electrical energy signals work. These “signals” jump from one cell to another, continually sending messages from one point to another. When a cell is damaged or diseased – whether from injury, illness, poor diet, lack of exercise, toxins or the aging process – the signals will bypass the tissue and leave it damaged rather than flow through it to heal or cure it. This is where Microcurrent Therapy steps in. Microcurrent finds and isolates damaged cells and delivers tiny corrective electrical currents that stimulate the body’s naturally-occurring electrical system and invigorate the cell’s healing process. With the cell open to healing, the benefits of Microcurrent can be seen almost immediately, including boosted immune function, improved oxygenation, accelerated cellular repair, inflammation reduction and a dramatic increase in cell energy levels.
Rapid Pain Therapy Clinic uses the Electro Proscope 360, which features the most advanced Microcurrent technology. The Electro Proscope 360 is an intuitive and intelligent system, capable of finding, isolating and correcting damaged tissue with incredible accuracy. This technology is painless and non-invasive, targeting only the cells and tissue that need repair.
We currently provide mobile Microcurrent services in Yaletown and Point Grey. Contact us to learn more!
Our two-week, three-treatment package is $390 ($130 per treatment). Our one-month, twelve-treatment package is $1440 ($120 per treatment). Our three-month, thirty-treatment package is $3300 ($110 per treatment). There is a mobile service cost of $150, which includes the cost of treatment listed above. Please contact us for more information on our mobile services and treatment plans.
If you have a chronic disease or illness, you should discuss Microcurrent Therapy with your family physician, but a referral isn’t necessary to book a consultation or appointment.
Yes. You cannot receive Microcurrent treatments if you have an implanted or other electrical stimulatory device such as a pacemaker, if you have a history of seizures or epilepsy, have active cancer or are pregnant.
Each session lasts 45 minutes.
Yes! The electrical signals sent to the cells measure in the millionths of an amp, a current so low that it can barely be felt. In fact, many clients find the sessions so relaxing that they fall asleep during treatment!
No. Reflexology treatment to the ears and feet may create a light tingling sensation, but this is perfectly natural and not at all painful.
No! MICROCURRENT facials will leave your skin healthier by eliminating toxins and improving your collagen production. It will not burn or damage the skin in any way.
Because Microcurrent detoxifies the body at a cellular level, clients can experience such common side effects as headaches, fatigue, nausea and sometimes a metallic taste in the mouth. This is all part of the healing journey of detoxifying the body and side effects usually begin to subside within 90 minutes of treatment.
Hydrating and resting are recommended after a treatment. We ask that you wait with exercise and saunas until after all your treatments have been completed. This allows your body to keep the charge high in the treated area and focus on healing. Once the treatments are complete, you can return to your regular workout schedule.
Every case is different. We recommend a consultation before beginning treatments, so we can determine the extent of your injury, gather your medical history and explain the procedure to you in greater detail.
The long-term benefits and effects depend upon your lifestyle. Microcurrent releases the toxins from your body, so if you lead a healthy lifestyle and follow our and your family physician’s recommendations, you’ll see and feel the benefits much longer than someone who lives a more toxin-producing lifestyle.
12 Step Full Body Detox

This program was developed for those who feel like they would benefit from a full-body toxin purge.

Sports Injuries

Including tendonitis, herniated disks, back pain and strains, hamstring pulls and tears, and more!

Pain Relief

Including the pain associated with conditions such as Osteoarthritis, Bell’s Palsy, Bursitis, and more!.

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How MICRO Works and How Can It Help You!

The science behind Microcurrent mimics our own natural vibrations, and restores electrically by sending “signals” from one cell to another. However, when a cell is damaged, the electrical signal bypasses the areas in our body that require healing, leaving us with injuries, pain, swelling, inflammation and other symptoms and discomforts.

Microcurrent locates the damaged tissue and sends it a tiny corrective current to stimulates the body’s natural healing process. It works at cellular level and targets only damaged tissue, which causes cells to open where they had once been “closed” and shut down. Opening the cell allows our naturally-occurring electrical signals to focus on the damaged area, which leads to quicker recovery from injuries to relief from pain.

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