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Call (604) 760-8066 for a FREE*
15 minute consultation
Our Equipment

Rapid Pain Therapy Clinic uses the Electro Proscope 360, an intuitive and intelligent pain management system that uses the most advanced Microcurrent technology. This technology is painless and non-invasive, targeting only the cells and tissue that need repair.


12 Step Full Body Detox

12 Step Full Body Detox

Get back on the path to feeling like your best self again with our 12-Step Full Body Detox. This program was developed for those who feel like they would benefit from a full-body toxin purge. Using Microcurrent Therapy, we focus on 12 distinct areas of the body, doing one step at a time in 12 days — or over the course of one month, if you prefer.  Click here to book a consultation online or call us at (604) 760-8066 for more information on our 12-Step Full Body Detox!

What Does the 12-Step Detox Program Address?

During the program, our technicians will address twelve parts of the body and system that are painful or toxic:

  • Headband
  • Stomach
  • Bilateral Spinal
  • Lymph Drainage
  • Bilateral Hands and Feet
  • Odonton
  • Auricular
  • Adrenal Glands
  • Reflexology
  • Ear Clips (Guided Meditation)
  • Hormone Balance
  • Facial

How Does It Work?

Electricity travels throughout the body via distinct pathways – including neurological (the nervous system), osteological (bone) and myological (muscle) pathways. It also travels via subcutaneous and connective tissue, which is made up of cells. We’ve learned that areas of the body that manifest pain are often deficient in Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), which is one of the primary molecules responsible for the cell’s ability to hold an electrical charge. This often leads to common toxin reactions such as increased pain, headaches, vertigo, muscle cramps, nausea, odd sense of taste, body odor and much more.

Using the Electro Proscope 360, we’re able to stimulate ATP concentration in those deficient areas – in effect, opening the cell gates and allowing in nutrients while purging toxins and waste. During the 12-Step Full Body Detox program, toxins are released and bring your body back to true stability and homeostasis. Feel healthier and more centered in just 12 easy steps!

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Click here to book a consultation online or call us at (604) 760-8066 for more information. Let Rapid Pain Therapy Clinic help you feel like your true self again!

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Click here to book a FREE* consultation online or call us at (604) 760-8066

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How MICRO Works and How Can It Help You!

The science behind Microcurrent mimics our own natural vibrations, and restores electrically by sending “signals” from one cell to another. However, when a cell is damaged, the electrical signal bypasses the areas in our body that require healing, leaving us with injuries, pain, swelling, inflammation and other symptoms and discomforts.

Microcurrent locates the damaged tissue and sends it a tiny corrective current to stimulates the body’s natural healing process. It works at cellular level and targets only damaged tissue, which causes cells to open where they had once been “closed” and shut down. Opening the cell allows our naturally-occurring electrical signals to focus on the damaged area, which leads to quicker recovery from injuries to relief from pain.

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