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Call (604) 760-8066 for a FREE*
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Rapid Pain Therapy Clinic offers pain-free, drug-free, surgery-free Microcurrent Therapy treatments that combat the symptoms associated with injuries, aging and chronic medical conditions. Our clinic offers treatment for:

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How MICRO Works and How Can It Help You!

The science behind Microcurrent mimics our own natural vibrations, and restores electrically by sending “signals” from one cell to another. However, when a cell is damaged, the electrical signal bypasses the areas in our body that require healing, leaving us with injuries, pain, swelling, inflammation and other symptoms and discomforts.

Microcurrent locates the damaged tissue and sends it a tiny corrective current to stimulates the body’s natural healing process. It works at cellular level and targets only damaged tissue, which causes cells to open where they had once been “closed” and shut down. Opening the cell allows our naturally-occurring electrical signals to focus on the damaged area, which leads to quicker recovery from injuries to relief from pain.

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